Robert Bartkus Co-Authors 2021 Edition of Arbitration Book with Judge Dreier

Robert E. Bartkus and Hon. William A. Dreier, P.J.A.D. (Ret.), have co-written the New Jersey Arbitration Handbook, 2021 Edition.

The handbook, published by ALM and available through LEXIS, provides practical guidance for each phase of the arbitration process, with a focus on New Jersey law and New Jersey courts and Third Circuit cases.

New sections on drafting and litigating arbitration agreements in New Jersey devote particular attention to specific requirements imposed by New Jersey statutes and recent cases in New Jersey state and federal courts, including the Third Circuit. New sections also expand the details distinguishing arbitration under federal law and the two principal New Jersey statutes, including comparing motion practice in the state and federal courts and the varying standards for compelling arbitration or confirming, vacating or modifying an award.

As in prior editions, the text identifies specific Commercial Rules of the American Arbitration Association that may relate to an issue, but this year the text also contrasts those specifics with the rules of other divisions and other providers. The appendices continue to include the text of key rules and New Jersey and federal statutes, as well as paragraph-long summaries of both published and unpublished opinions in the prior year, making the Handbook a “must have” at any arbitration hearing.

Judge Dreier, a retired Presiding Judge of the New Jersey Appellate Division, is a long-time arbitrator and mediator. Bob, of counsel at Anselmi & Carvelli, LLP focuses on business and international arbitration and litigation.

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